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Be A Vendor In 2023!
June 17 - 18 (time TBA)
If foot traffic slows, vendors can shut down an hour early. Otherwise, please stay as long as the other vendors.

We have free, self-contained dry camping for vendors. Will you camp?
When are you planning to set up?

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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PORTA members enjoy discounted booth fees here and at other PORTA events. PORTA is our host.

12' X 12' area outdoors at the Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival. Vendor is responsible for canopy, tables, chairs, extension cords, etc. Due to the varied weather and winds the area enjoys, each canopy should be secured by weights. The Town does not allow for tents to be staked down, so please plan on using weights you bring.


Vendor is responsible for keeping their area cleaned up (free of trash) during the event and at the end of each day.


The vendor is solely responsible for compliance with all applicable licensing and regulations pertaining to their wares. The vendor must provide all necessary licensing and governing permits, including proof of insurance. Vendor must bring proof of all licensing and insurance to the event.

After unloading, park your vehicle and trailer in the designated parking areas and not around your booth. 

Vehicles will be parked in designated parking areas only. No early pack-ups of booths. If you sell out early, please have a sign ready to let the public know.

Your location will be assigned by the beginning of June 2023. Be advised, restaurants and grocery stores in the area do not typically open before 7:00 AM. Please plan accordingly for nourishment and libations.

Please note that it may be very sunny, rainy, or anything in between and your booth may be on the pavement down 5th Avenue or on the grass in the baseball field or Busta Park. Please prepare.

All vendors and representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Inappropriate behavior and language will be addressed directly. Grievances should be referred to one of the event volunteers, identified by their event badges.

Notice of cancellation must be given by email or by phone call by June 7, 2023. 


Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges: No refunds will be offered within 10 days of the event. PORTA utilizes Square for payment and order processing. Any refund requests prior to 10 days of event will be processed minus any Square fees and minus a $10 processing fee.

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